School Application

Track your child in school! GPS,Attendance,Result,Circulars,Fees,Pics & more! If you have multiple children studying in the same school and the school records have your mobile number for all such students, you can access the data for all your children by taping on the student name appearing on the top right side of the dashboard. Data for previous Classes can also be accessed in the similar manner.

Very easy for parents to install!

No special instructions or password to be given to the parents. Very easy four step roll out process. All the parent has to do is

  • Install the App on Android / iPhone mobile or tablet via the official Play store / App Store
  • Enter parent’s mobile number as per school records and tap on sign me up.
  • Receive OTP via SMS if mobile number is found in school’s scholar register. Enter the OTP

.. and done! This is a one time process and is required only during installing the app on a new device for the first time. Each student’s data can be accessed from any number of devices, but the OTP will only be sent on the registered mobile number(s) as per the school’s record. Also if the same mobile number is present in multiple student records (which is common in case of siblings), the app will let user switch between such students.