Why Sham Golden Academy

  • To provide the best of modern education in a disciplined and spiritual environment.
  • To nurture, stimulate and develop creative thoughts and to inculcate in the children a spirit of excellence in a academic and social life.
  • To nurture the creative talents in the children so as to make them future scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators etc.
  • To create a sense of responsibility in the children so that they become assets to the whole world, particularly to our beloved country.
  • To develop spirit of tolerance in the students, so that they learn to respect each other’s beliefs, thoughts and culture thereby making our country a heaven of  peace.
  • To mould the character of students such that they get enthusiasm and zeal to serve the underprivileged.
  • To create leadership qualities in the students.
  • To kindle young mind and bring out outstanding academics torch-bearers.
  • To make obedient, responsible and graceful students and respectable citizens of our country.